Friday, June 28, 2013

Small Yet Sweet! New from Kellybell Designs!

Today Kelly is announcing the last in her Hundred Acre Woods series with a collection inspired by Piglet. It's filled with lots of shades of pink mixed with green, yellow and black. Inside you'll find balloons, flowers, hearts, flairs, banner, journal tags, frames, ribbons, star bursts and of course the cutest Piglet doll. It's so so so adorable! And it's a must must must have!

The pink stitched alpha is just perfect for creating the sweetest word art titles for your layouts. Take a look at these 5 titles that Kelly has created for you.

If pink is your favorite color, then you're going to love looking at these page starters and paper stacks. It's a pink explosion of pretty clustering!!

Head on over to to check out the new O' Da Da Da Dear collection and purchase it while it's on sale for 25% off this weekend only. Take a look at the other Hundred Acre Woods collections for Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger, you might want to add them to your shopping cart too.

This was such a kit to scrap with. We were able to meet up with lil ol' Piglet at Crystal Palace for lunch during a Spring trip we took in 2011, and then again at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party last October. He was so cute in his butterfly costume. You don't get to see Piglet very often but when you do, he is just so adorable and PINK!! Here's a layout that I made.

If you'd like to grab 3 matching freebies for this collection, you'll have to hop over to Christy's Blog, Jenn's Blog and Roxana's Blog. Please give them a little Piglet sized hug along the way. Have a great weekend and have fun scrapping all your Hundred Acre Woods layouts.

Til next time....Have a magical weekend! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

45 DAYS!!!

Today, I learned a VERY VERY valuable lesson!
If I ever take a week off from training, be prepared for the consequences!!!
YIKES! I totally did not think that by not fully doing my program for a week that it would be so hard to do once I started again.
I went to the gym tonight with the expectation of doing my 30 minute maintenance run. WOWZER!! Maybe it was the time off....or maybe it was because of the stupid treadmill...but it was seriously hard work today. I couldn't keep up with my 2/1 intervals. Now I am totally afraid for my run this weekend...4 miles...Holy Cow! I don't think I can make it!
I was able to get 2 1/4 miles done in 45 minutes....and even though the aches and pains in my knees and feet, I didn't feel too bad. 
So, now I am wondering how to get over the treadmill hump. I know that because of the crazy heat coming up in July and August, how the heck am I gonna make it through the summer and be ready in time for my 10 miler in October...Once again! What the heck was I thinking?!?!?!?
Well...I will just keep on going along and see what happens. As long as I believe and have faith in myself to get through this challenge, there is nothing that I can't do!

Well the next fact of the day...I opened my Dream Days app and realized that I have 45 DAYS til our 10th Wedding Anniversary trip to DISNEY WORLD!!
First of all...hard to believe that it has been 10 years since we were married...
Second, if anyone knows me....this trip was totally Craig's idea! I wanted to go on a cruise (a Disney cruise...but nonetheless...haha)
I am so excited! And to commensurate this day, I received my recent order the Disney Store which included my Duffy the Bear costume. However, the costume was not for a Duffy bear.
Quick history, for Valentine's Day, Craig got me a sock monkey from the Georgetown game. We had so much fun taking pictures and getting him the jumbo screen at the basketball games. Now we take me almost every where and document his travels...:)
Fast forward...I have been looking for Mickey ears for a while for my Sock Monkey and found the Duffy outfit...fingers crossed that it fit!!!
From the looks of it from the box, I wasn't very hopeful! 
IT FIT!!!!
He actually looked adorable in this Mickey Mouse Club outfit! The Mickey ears are ridiculous too big and seem a little out of place...but now Sock Monkey is ready to take on Walt Disney World!Boy, is Craig in for a surprise...haha!
So please bear with me for the next few days as I count down to the most magical trip ever!! 
Until next time....have a magical day!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Coming Friday...The Finale!

You aren't gonna wanna miss this one on Friday...Can you guess who it is?? 
Don't forget to try for a chance to win it for free over at Kellybell Designs' blog.
See ya Friday!

Day One...Update!

Holy cow! What an incredible day....
I sat at home and dreamed of having a tall, dark, cold glass of Coca Cola product...Any Coke product!! It is amazing to me at how addicting it is. I really don't need but the taste of it is what I was craving.
Even while getting in line at the grocery store, I felt like each and every bottle in the aisle fridge was staring right at me! LOL!! But I kept my promise to more.. and I did just that!
I know it is gonna be a long battle with myself but I need to do this for me...

SO I decided today to make a list of all the things that I want to get done this summer. I am gonna set up another tab and as soon as I start adding to the list I will link it up...Just another reminder that I need to make goals and live by them!

Here's the link... Summer To Do List
What do you think so far?? Any other ideas that I should do this summer?

As always...wish me luck! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Day of Summer and I Say Good Bye...

So I know I have posted in awhile....So I will start with today and back up a little...

Today is my first day of Summer Vacation!! Thank Goodness! I thought it would NEVER get here! The last 2 weeks have been crazy busy at work and at home. About a month ago, Craig decided to bite into a Tic-Tac...and VOILA!! Cracked tooth!! One problem, the first dentist didn't catch the crack and 2 weeks later of progressive pain, it started to abscess. He ended up with another dentist at Walter Reed Med Center and he had to have an emergency root canal. After further investigation, the crack was so deeply embedded in the canal of the tooth, the team decided to completely extract the tooth. UGH! All of a sudden he went from pain to intense pain...

Needless to say, here we are today, and I spent the day with my husband at the medical center for his post-op follow up. Honestly not a bad way to spend my first day of summer vacation. Moral of this story...DON'T CHEW HARD CANDY!! NO MATTER WHAT....I do find myself as well as Craig's co-workers being more cautious about how we chew what is in our mouth. Honestly, I have to say how bad I have felt for my husband...however, having a diet of soups, frozen yogurt, and milkshakes didn't sound bad after all...:)

Well, during this last 2 weeks, I have to admit publicly that I did NOT stick to the plan as planned...OMG!! What is wrong with me?!?!? No excuses! Honestly, I shouldn't use my husband's illness as my reason not to put myself first...but I am really not sure what I was thinking or doing....
I did manage to get my 2 mile run in last weekend...As I walked down the stairs knowing that I had to do this by myself...I couldn't help but get a little scared...Knowing that Craig would not be meeting up with me frightening me a bit...I have never done this by myself. Honestly...this is what I was thinking...
I still truly believe this...however, I think I need to frame it and say it every time I walk out the door. ugh! Either way, I made it out the door and completed my 2 mile run...It actually turned into an "about 3.5 mile run" because I actually ran a little farther than expected and walked the rest of the way back home.

And I did it in new shoes too... :)
 And I guess my app does time splits now...Check out those time splits at mile 2 and 3. WOW!! I totally never thought I would get to that point.
Of course you would think that this would motivate me to keep going...Not quite. While I was extremely excited, I still can't get motivated to do this on my own yet.

Once again, this brings me back to first day of Summer Vacation. When this whole tooth thing started, Craig mentioned that he wanted to sit down and talk with a nutritionist. Now honestly, I cam not completely sold on the I will have to wait and see.What can it hurt...cuz honestly, I haven't been that faithful to any diet lately. 

So, after a interesting meeting with this lady, I am still open minded and interested in what she has to offer. Now, we only met with her and talked about recent eating habits, our goals, and next steps. Now I did disclose to her my weight (something I would never do to anyone...) and she did my BMI and body fat % with the hand held thingy....and I was not really surprised with the results but I was surprised at the fact that it wasn't where as bad as I thought it would be. 

After our meeting, we decided that we would have one last meal that we probably won't be doing for a we ordered pizza and decided to say good bye to a friend that I have had for many years...
Coca-Cola has been like a best friend for many many years....through good and bad times. I have done it before...I have given up cokes before, and knowing that I have been able to give it up before, I figure I have to try this again.
As Craig and I walked out of the nutritionist's office, we both knew that by our next meeting she was going to expect a weight loss from what we told her where we are right now...With that said, we are starting our "make shift" dieting tomorrow, hopefully we can be successful and prove to ourselves more than anything that we are capable of doing this. Pretty interested to find where this will lead me and to see if I have enough will power to get through this....and especially now since Craig was given a "almost" clean bill of health with regards to his surgery.
One thing that the nutritionist mentioned that is on the list is Magnesium supplement. She said that magnesium has proven to curb the "sweet tooth" I am really interested to see if this to Vitamin Shoppe tomorrow, in addition to well needed grocery shopping.
Any suggestions on healthy snacks or recipes that you've tried. Let me know...would love to hear what you are doing.

Well...I hope to be more regular. This is my first day of summer vacation...and I am ready to let it be the "Summer of ME!" I have already promised several people at work that once I return at the end of August I will be a totally new here I go, keeping that promise to every one...but most importantly to myself.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Have You Seen My Tail? Don't ya love Eeoyre??

"Not much of a house. Just right for not much of a donkey".
"Thanks for noticing".
Sweet Eeyore. How can you not love that gloomy fluffy donkey? This week Kelly continues to honor all the Hundred Acre Woods friends with a collection inspired by Eeyore. The color palette is filled with soft greys, pinks and blues. Check out this adorable kit called....

'Gloomy Donkey' contains over 40 elements featuring clouds, frames, flairs, Eeyore doll, Eeyore tail, ribbons, stitching, butterfly, flowers, banner, buttons, leaves and more. The 15 papers are in soft pastel colors and have beautiful patterns, plaids and stripes. The alpha is a gorgeous grey with black stitching inside.

Titles can really add a punch to your page. Take a look at these 6 different word art titles for Eeyore.

The page starters pack contains 2 borders and 3 frame clusters. Too cute!

And don't forget to add the paper stacks to your shopping cart. These make a great starting point for your layouts.

You can find all of Kellybell Designs' collections at her store at Take some time to browse around and see all the amazing Disney inspired kits. The "Gloomy Donkey' collection is 25% off this weekend only so make sure you pick up all the pieces while they are on sale.

Eeyore is such a cutie to scrap with this collection. The color palette is also great for Minnie Mouse and Marie. All of Kelly's kits are very versatile. To see how Kelly's Creative Team scrapped with this kit, head on over to Kelly's Blog or Facebook page. Here's a layout that I made.

With every new release, Kelly's Creative Team makes 3 freebies for you. Don't you just love them!! For the 'Gloomy Donkey' collection, you'll find a coordinating gift from these 3 lovely ladies. Have a great weekend and have fun shopping in Kelly's Store.

Have a magical weekend!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Coming Friday...Hopefully No Rain!

Don't forget about a chance to win it before you can buy it!

Til Friday, scrapbookers!! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bouncing For Fun! Freebie Link is NOW working!!

Who doesn't love Tigger!! I don't know anyone! He is so energetic and fun loving how could you not just fall in love on sight! As you have guessed the new kit this week is about Tigger the bouncy friend of Christopher Robin and the focus of a lot of adorable pics I'm guessing! So here it is....
Gotta Bounce!
A kit just perfect for all those bouncy, trouncy, flouncy photos with the loveable tiger! Inside you’ll find 15 papers in beautiful stripes, houndstooth and solids. For elements, you’ll receive a Tigger doll, springs, hearts, and so much more.Using the black stitched alpha Kelly has created this pack of 5 fabulous word art titles. They’re perfect for a meeting Tigger himself. Gotta_Bounce_wa_web 
For page starters, there’s a clusters, 2 border clusters and 3 cluster frames. Gotta_Bounce_pgst_web 
And don’t forget to pick up these paper stacks! A super quick way to get that page started! Gotta_Bounce_papstk_web 
This ‘Gotta Bounce’ collection will be on sale in Kelly's store at for 25% off for this weekend only. So with that discount, you might think about picking up all the pre-mades too! 

Check out what I did with this kit:
 I was fortunate to meet up with Pirate Tigger during the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! The family in front of us where dressed in costume for the party and their son was a pirate too...The interaction that Tigger had with the little boy was priceless! Always magical moments at Disney World!
As always, the best part come last. It’s time to find out who made some freebies for you today. 
I have a fantastic word art freebie for you to complete your Tigger LO! Hope you like it!
Download from 4Share HERE.

In the meantime, head over to Sharon and Lisa's blog to grab to more inspiring freebies to coordinate with Gotta Bounce!

Thanks for stopping by and have a magical weekend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Let the Friends Continue...Coming Friday!

Don't forget Kelly will be giving away a kit to one lucky reader.
Good Luck! Til Friday...
Have a magical week!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Week One....COMPLETE!!

After what seemed like a LOOOOOONG day at work on Friday, I finished my work week with ZUMBA!! (Love ya Lo!! But that squat song...Holy Moly!!) I was finally really run down and tired by 3:45 that I really felt that I wasn't completely into it. But, I made it through, and I was super glad that I did.

Well, I was bummed earlier, though. We were suppose to go to the Nationals game that evening, but since it had literally been raining since Thursday evening, it was postponed until Sunday evening.

So, that night after dinner, I sat on my very-comfy couch, and it decided to sing me a lullaby. This is becoming a regular for me if we have nothing planned on Fridays....probably not a good thing. However, after working and working out all week, it is probably my body saying, "Rest up, lady!"

Saturday....I had to get up relatively early to take my PRAXIS exam. For those of you who don't know, I am a special ed teacher, and I have been for 13 years now. And I figured that I need to try a different I am taking my PRAXIS in math to be certified as a middle school math teacher. I know right??? What the heck am I thinking? No matter what, I know I am definitely going to heaven. :) At the testing site, I just happen to be in the same testing room as my former Director of Schools. He is leaving to be a superintendent out of state, and I have worked closely with him for the last 2 and a half years through our intramural sports program. He made me feel really good by telling me how much he has seen me grow as a leader and really encouraged me to move on with my plans of becoming a school principal.

So, after sitting a testing for TWO HOURS and having a short and meaningful conversation with my former "boss," I walked out of the testing center on cloud 9! I was totally feeling good about the test AND I was totally feeling good about the choices that I have made in my life up to this point.
There have been many times that I have felt and wondered, "What the hell am I doing?" And, "How the heck did I end up here?" I have been lying to myself for years I believe that I was truly happy with my choices. Don't get me wrong...I have the best husband ever, and I don't regret a single choice that we have made together. But I now realize that I was probably fooling myself! And now I have finally decided that I am going to be truly happy...and not just tell myself that I am.

Well, from this feeling of realization, I was finishing up our Saturday chilling out night by surfing the Internet and found a 10K race in July...The Biggest Loser Run/Walk.

And guess what?? Yup!! I signed up for it!! OMG!! What am I thinking?!?!? Middle of the heat and humidity!! I must really want to do this. Never in a million years would I ever be caught dead outside in the hear in the summer....much less actually running in it. HA!! Well, I am finally here to prove myself wrong!

So before bed, Craig and I agreed to run first thing Sunday morning. I had already decided not to work out on Saturday since I had gone to the gym every day this week, so I had to do my day three was only a mile run...but I knew it was important to get it done before the end of the week.

Well, old Jessica would have told Craig to leave her alone when he asked her if she still wanted to go running first thing Sunday morning.....BUT NEW and IMPROVED Jessica got out of bed when Craig asked her. Now granted, I didn't jump right up when he asked me....I did get about 15 more minutes of sleep in...LOL!
Needless to day, with the weather we have been having here in DC, it was actually a beautiful morning.
SO I started my run/walk with a nice walking warm up, I have kinda conditioned myself to start to matter what after this slight hill on the trail. It is all psychological...I know...but it is just something that I have been doing since my first outside run in March. Anyways, I started running and low and behold, my ankle started killing me!! Seriously?? I was so annoyed! It was kinda giving me trouble during Zumba on Friday but that was 2 days ago. I worked through it for the first interval, and by the time I was on interval 3, the pain kinda magically disappeared.That's a good thing.

Have I to say....I was using my new Garmin watch. And I really liked the notifications letting me know that it was time to change up during my interval...What I didn't like is that I had set the intervals based on my 10 mile run in 17 weeks at Disney so I wasn't able to stop it after I was done with the first mile. Guess I need to read more on it before trying again. Plus, I wasn't able to upload data from today onto my computer. That is a job for Craig to help me with. He's been using his Garmin for years he's an expert. Maybe??

Always as a back up, I do have my phone recording as well. And to make me feel even better, I realized that this Jeff Galloway program that I started on Monday, ACTUALLY WORKS!!! According to my RunKeeper app on my phone, I did a 12.01 min mile!! OMG!! Are you kidding me?!?!?

To make a long story short....I ended up run/walk a mile but ended up putting in a total of 3.1 in 37 minutes. WOW!! YAY ME AGAIN!! My first 5K was on St Patrick's Day and I completed it with A LOT less running in 54 minutes. In 12 weeks, I have been able to take off 17 minutes off my time. Now I am really not worried about this 10K in July!!

To sum up the week....I ran/walked a total of 7 miles....worked out 6 days this week (I know too much...but I really enjoy going to Zumba on Wednesdays and Fridays)...and lost 3 pounds. (Now time to get my diet in check...) Not bad for my first week of making it real!

Off to bed to start Week 2!! Only 9 days left of school....I know I can do it!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Who's Your Favorite Disney Bear? Pooh...that's Who!

Hard to believe that the first collection of stories about Winnie The Pooh dates all the way back to 1926. The fluffy bear has been a childhood favorite of many young boys and girls for the longest time. And it's so special to meet up with Pooh when you are at the Disney parks. Kelly's newest collection is all about that lovable bear and it's called...

Inside you'll find 15 papers in beautiful plaids, stripes, polka dots and solids. For elements, you'll receive a Pooh doll, story book, story scroll, wooden sign, hunny pots, tree, hexagon shapes, honey drippings, flowers, tree, frames, bee hives, bees and so much more.

Using the red alpha, Kelly created this pack of 5 fabulous word art titles. They're perfect for the Pooh ride or meeting Pooh himself.

For page starters, there's 2 clusters, a border cluster and 3 cluster frames. So pretty!

And don't forget to pick up these paper stacks!

This 'Silly 'Ol Bear' collection will be on sale in Kelly's store at for 25% off for this weekend only. So with that discount, you might think about picking up all the premades too!

You can find Pooh Bear at Animal Kingdom, Epcot and at the Crystal Palace character meal inside Magic Kingdom. Everyone always has lots of photos with Pooh Bear so let's take a look at how Kelly's Creative Team scrapped some Pooh layouts for inspiration. Winnie the Pooh is my absolute FAVORITE Disney character, so every trip we take, I have to get a pic with him...and I love the fact that the PhotoPass Photographer always get those great candid shots of my bear hugs!
Here's my page:

As always, the best part come last. It's time to find out who made some freebies for you today. Kelly's team has 3 beautiful coordinating freebies for you and you can find them below. Have a wonderful weekend and have fun scrapping!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Well It's Official!!

Well...I did it!! I am officially a PRINCESS!! 

Anyone who knows me are probably thinking, "Jess, I thought you always said you were a princess." LOL! True!!, all my princess dreams have almost come true...

OMG!!! I am so "OVER THE MOON" EXCITED about this!  
(Yes, I will be wearing a tu-tu...just trying to decide on which one...hehe)

I never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever want to do this...but I am so motivated for this. And this overwhelming feeling is amazing!  Yes, this scares me a lot...but I know f I can accomplish this, then I know I can finally overcome all my fears for the rest of my life!!!!

So on my way home, it started to rain crazy tonight...Ugh!! Day 2 of running training...Thank goodness that we live literally across the street from our gym...No rain was going to ruin this high!! I stepped on the treadmill and knew it was time to Git 'R DONE!! (Don't you just love Mater???)
I was feeling good...until...
my arch and ankle started killing!! Seriously?!?! But I persevered!! Nothing gonna stop me!!

Well, I made it through my second day...but this first week of putting into high gear is taking its toll on me! So after a mortin and a shower, I sat on the couch and did a little recuperating.
Yes folks that 2 bags of peas! LOL!

I have always heard that it works as awesome ice packs...They are absolutly right!! I now LOVE peas! However, I still refuse to eat them! Just can't handling the popping feeling and sound they make when you bite into them...Ick!! (Apologize if you like peas..:) )

Of course before I started icing my shins and ankles, I had to wrap my feet in the best product ever!!
Fair Trade Foot Lotion from Lush Handmade Cosmetics.
OMG!! Dream in a container!!! Cocoa butter, peppermint and spearamint all in one!! Holy cow! And it totally works! It's specifically for sore and tired feet, but I have actually put it on other sore muscles and it really helps...A LOT!!! 
It has the same soothing warming, cooling effect that BenGay has...but smells so much better!!
Everything is hand made and not tested on animals. I probably should take stock since I purchase something every time I walk past their store.  
If you don't have a Lush store near you, never fear...their products are ONLINE!! YAY!!!
I have only used a small portion of what they sell, but I can tell you what I have used to far is totally worth every penny I paid! is about that time!! All this excitement has really wore me out...time for a good night's sleep! 
If you are enjoying my journey, please let me know...I have the light at the end of the tunnel but any encouragement will definitely help me with my motivation!!
Til next time...Have a magical evening!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Today was definitely HUMP DAY!

After spending 4 1/2 hours in a room, watching kids taking their state reading assessment...can be really draining. It's almost as fun as watching paint dry. Even with the extra bit of caffeine from Starbucks this morning...(I had to get my Passion Tea Lemonade!) it just wasn't working because by lunchtime, I was exhausted!
At the end of the day, I saw my favorite Zumba instructor walking down the hall and received just the motivation I needed!
I mustered every ounce of strength to get through the hour. It was a blast as usual though!! Even the crazy squats work out that Lolita loves to do...I swear she must really love to see the torture of our faces every time we "bounce bounce squat low" Ugh! Just thinking about it is making my quads and hips hurt! :)
Well made it to 5:45...and as always, I was smiling through the sweat! I may have some troubles getting up the stairs tomorrow though....LOL!
Here we are...HOT!!

However, because I want to be as honest as possible...
As motivated as I have been getting...after looking at this picture, I get discouraged again. Like, "Why the hell am I putting this effort and nothing is changing?!?!" Ugh! I get so frustrated! Sometimes, I look at recent pics and think, "WOW! I am looking pretty darn good!" But then on days like these I just get so down on myself.  I know it takes time and patience...but sometimes I just wish it would come off as easy as I put it on! sigh...
Of course I will probably being saying something differently when I step on the scale on Saturday, but as of right now, I am just feeling a little uninspired.

Well....tomorrow run day number 2...another 30 minutes...let's see if I can do better than day 1. Plus I played with my new Garmin watch to figure out how to work it. It is so cool that I can set my intervals so I don't have to think when to change it up. Just by looking at the things that my husband's more expensive watch can do, I am totally looking forward to trying this out tomorrow. Here is the Garmin ForeRunner 210 to see for yourself!
So until then...have a great night!

Happy National Running Day!!

I just found out that today is National Running Day. Woo Hoo! 

I also read this afternoon the best motivating thing...
"If you are running during your intervals, then you ARE a runner!!" 
So I guess I can officially celebrate this day!!
Have a magical rest of your day and even you aren't a runner, just get out there and move!!

New Blog...New Kit!!

Well...I have finally done it, Kellybell Designs fans!!
I have finally switched to a new blog...hope you all found it alright!

So for my first official scrapbooking post...I have to show you a little peek at what Kellybell Designs has coming this Friday...

Don't forget readers...You want it for free? Of course...head over to Kelly's blog to comment to a chance to win it!! Can't wait to show ya what's coming...
Til then...Have a magical rest of the week!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 1 and 2...This may be a long one...

I am gonna get caught up...only a day behind...but does it really count when I technically did start recording yesterday...)

Prior to starting, after reading several different blogs and and following different boards about half marathons, I decided to use Olympian Jeff Galloway's training program. Craig had seen him speak at a conference he attended a couple of years ago, and thought very highly of him. 
Anyways...Disney sponsors his training programs so I decided to give it a try for my first 10 miler at Disney. 
(Want more?? Here is the link to his program... runDisney Training.
So this program involved 1 long run weekly and 2 maintenance runs.Running 3Xs a week...I can totally do that. Jeff Galloway has specific programs and timelines for each runDisney race...all very similar, but one thing I like about it is that I can download and load the program into my phone there is very little thought to working out. Just get out there and do it, right?

Got home from work and feeling slightly unmotivated...but I knew it was now or never...and I chose NOW! Of course when I walked through the door, Craig reminded me of the gym...ugh! Oh well!
Rushed to get ready...Made it to spin class with a minute to spare. 
Now...let me back up...I have always been one who NEVER...I mean NEVER!!! want to do classes at the gym...much less go to the gym to work out...I didn't even put much effort before our wedding! And doing a work-out class...FORGET IT! I always felt that being a "not skinny" gym person that I would be ridiculed or made to feel that I didn't belong...Boy was I wrong!! So if you ever feel this way, just remember that nothing matters more than what you are thinking of yourself...Everyone and anyone goes to a gym to work out, and you deserve to be there as much as they do. Took me a long time to believe this...and it is a work in progress. I still will only run on the treadmill in the dark in the cardio theater room...but I still look around a lot...but not as much as better. I am there for me and not to impress anyone else!!!
Back to spin one yet!! (This isn't my first one BTW) The instructor played all PitBull much more motivating is that?? However, rather than concentrating on the class, I kept wandering to Zumba class and all the wacky dance moves we do to those PitBull songs!! (haha dork right? I know!) So about half way through, while out of the saddle simulating an uphill ride, my foot started to give out...Are you kidding me?? I was not wearing my cross trainers...I was in my shoes I use for Zumba...yup, that was my mistake! Oh well! Will never do that again! Remember to only stick with cross trainers...check!! 
Well...I made it through spin class and totally worked through the ridiculous pain! I think it was more of doing it because I wanted to prove myself that I can even overcome my stupid mistakes. Never said I was an expert...this is a total learning process! And boy does it hurt when I make a mistake. HA! 

Moving I said I think yesterday, I am focusing on my training...much more than detailing my days...but I have to say this...I got out of my car this morning at work...and as I walked toward the building all I could think of was, "WOW! This is gonna be perfect weather to run in!" I also emailed Craig and told him it was a "Drop the Top" kind of day! 
And I did just that...
I walked out of work, cleaned out the back seat (I didn't want to clutter the highways of DC with my Starbucks glasses and Nationals hats and jackets...hehe), and I dropped the top! It was so beautiful out!

Well...when I got home, Craig told me that he got a gift for me.I check in his backpack and there was this....
Can you hear the magic??? I am so stinkin' excited!! I used to think that I would never get excited for a new pair of running shoes...and I definitely never thought I would get this excited for a watch for running!! I have gone mad!! But we are all a little mad here... (catch the Disney reference??) With this watch, I love the fact that I can set up my running intervals!
The major part of these Jeff Galloway training that I had mentioned earlier is interval running based on the pace you would like to keep. watch..needs to charge...ugh! I guess I will have to play on Thursday.
So...with not much drive, I headed out onto the trail with Craig to do my first official run of week one training. OMG! It was so difficult trying to do the intervals without a proper time I did best with what I had...and I set my iphone app to track and started my run.
Probably about halfway through, I started getting this weird pain in my rear end. I know it sounds funny and I couldn't help myself from laughing out laugh because every time my foot would hit the trail and I felt my bubble butt jiggle, it would hurt. It was completely comical...and this is what probably got me through it. I am starting to get pretty bored with the same songs on my I will need to work on my playlist.
Well, I arrived back home and here is what I ended up with...
Not my best time...but I think I was more worried about not really keeping the 2/1 interval. I did the best, and even though I knew I could give more, I am happy about completing today's workout.

And because I said I would running with my camera, I forgot to take my pic at the beginning of my run, but here is my trail pic about a quarter mile from home...
Well..not bad for my first 2 days... Came home and watched Extreme Weight Loss on ABC with Craig. I think this show is way better than Biggest Loser. If you have never seen it, it is a must see show! And I think I am even more motivated than before. Plus I found out that the Tower of Terror 10 Miler that we are doing in October is SOLD OUT! I can't believe that I am apart of a sold out event! I'm stoked!

I hope you made it through my first official post detailing my work out...And if nothing, maybe I have inspired you just a little bit more.
Until next.......have a magical day!